About Solid Ground Environmental


Why Choose Solid Ground Environmental?

Solid Ground Environmental provides fast turnaround, quality environmental services at competitive prices. We provide environmental services to the Midwest as well as other surrounding states (for example: Texas, Colorado, Illinois, and Kansas). Here’s how:

Consulting Work done by Professional with Environmental Expertise

At Solid Ground Environmental, all your environmental consulting work will be done by an experienced professional with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies, another undergraduate degree in Biology, and a masters degree in Biology. On top of this, we have several years of experience in multiple environmental disciplines.  This will reduce the likelihood that unnecessary environmental issues will delay your project.

More of Your Time and Money Go to the Science of Your Reports

As a small business, Solid Ground Environmental will spend more time on the science of your consulting needs as opposed to billing, paperwork, and other administrative costs.  This translates into higher quality consulting at a reasonable price.

Work Directly with Environmental Professional Completing Your Project

When you choose Solid Ground Environmental, you will work directly – from start to finish – with the Environmental Professional directly responsible for your consulting needs.  This reduces the risk of miscommunication and ensures that your project will not be handed off to an employee with less experience.

Areas We Serve

Our mindset is if we can take a direct flight to your location, we can offer you any of our services.

If you need a reliable and quality environmental site assessment or risk assessment, contact the experts here at Solid Ground Environmental or give us a call at 913-461-9906.