Environmental Consulting Services

Here at Solid Ground Environmental, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality services with fast turn-around times at competitive pricing. If you find yourself needing a Phase 1 ESA, Phase 2 ESA, Risk Assessment, or Transaction Screening, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We proudly service Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas!


Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

If you’re purchasing a property, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) can provide you with information on potential environmental issues with the property. It may also protect you from liability due to unexpected environmental contamination found on the property after the purchase.

If you’re financing a loan, a Phase I ESA can provide you with assurances that the borrower will not have to pay for expensive environmental remediation costs – increasing the risk that the loan will not be paid off.

If you need a fast and reliable ESA, contact the experts at Solid Ground Environmental.


Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESAs)

If environmental issues do arise during the Phase I ESA, a Phase II ESA can be completed to determine the extent of the environmental contamination on the property and future actions are recommended by your Solid Ground Environmental consultant.

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Record Search & Risk Assessment

The Record Search Risk and Assessment is an environmental due diligence option for low risk properties described by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Standard Operating Procedures. The RSRA includes an environmental database and historical review of the property. A letter report is prepared summarizing the findings and makes a determination whether the property is ‘high risk’ or ‘low risk’. If the property is deemed high risk, typically a Phase I ESA is recommended.

If you have a low-risk property needing a Record Search and Risk Assessment, fill out a form and we will contact you ASAP.


Transaction Screening

A Transaction Screening (TS) is an environmental due diligence tool for low-risk properties. The goal of a TS is to identify Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs). The TS includes a site visit, an environmental database review, an environmental questionnaire, which is competed by the owner and the environmental consultant, and a historical review of the property. If any PECs are identified, a Phase I ESA is typically recommended.

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Who We Are

We provide environmental consulting services for a wide range of clients and different purposes. Whether you’re looking to buy property and have it tested for safety/viability or you want to ensure that you’re complying with state and federal regulations for your business, our professional environmental consultants will assess your project with the tools and expertise necessary.

Across a wide range of project kinds and dimensions, Solid Ground Environmental collaborates with clients from the commercial, institutional, and public sectors. We are able to provide fast consultation and environmental testing not just in the Kansas City region but also throughout the majority of the United States.

We put in a lot of effort to ensure that our customers receive complete environmental services, and at the same time, we work hard to ensure that our company structure has a sensible, low-overhead cost profile, which allows us to charge our customers reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an environmental consultant?

Environmental consultants have gone through extensive study and training and possess a wide variety of skill sets. They combine research and analytical experience along with constantly staying up-to-date on regulatory knowledge in order to operate across a vast array of public and private industries.

Environmental consultants can come from a variety of educational backgrounds, but the field of environmental science is one of the most typical educational foundations for those who work in the profession.

What does an environmental consultant do?

Environmental consultants conduct thorough environmental assessments by combining rigorous scientific knowledge, technical expertise, and evolving knowledge of regulatory requirements. An environmental consultant’s role is to assess and minimize health and safety risks and guarantee that all applicable environmental laws are followed.

As sustainability consultants, we evaluate and analyze available data and suggest solutions based on local, state, and federal regulations. In most cases, eco consultants are hired to determine whether or not contamination of the water, air, or land would have a negative effect on people, groundwater supplies, or local ecosystems.

Why do we need an environmental consultant?

There are several reasons why your organization may need an environmental consultant. If your organization is planning on buying a new property, an environmental consultant can ensure that the property is fit to conduct business on and won’t put the health of your employees or customers at risk.

Additionally, environmental regulations can be difficult to understand. By using an environmental consulting company, you can learn all of the pertinent laws to your industry so that you’re operating within the law.

Want your company to go green but don’t know where to start? Many organizations want to run more sustainably but it’s not always clear how. Through our green consulting, you can ensure that you’re reducing your carbon footprint.

What makes a good environmental consultant?

The best environmental consultants have the credentials, skills, and persistence in keeping up-to-date with regulatory knowledge that makes them experts in their field.

Top sustainability consulting firms hire environmental consultants who:

  • Possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in: environmental science, environmental health, environmental management, sustainability and energy management
  • Have years of experience
  • Have environmental certifications

Do environmental consultants do research?

Yes. A big part of what environmental consultants do is research — both desk-based and in the field.

What tools do environmental consultants use?

Environmental analysts use Soil and Water Assessment Tools (SWAT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for environmental testing and consulting.

SWAT is a river basin scale model created by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to evaluate the impact of land management activities on large watersheds.

Do environmental consultants use GIS?

Yes, numerous environmental consulting firms are embracing GIS technology. This technology is used to perform complex resource analysis, which can then be provided to organizations in the form of visuals and graphics to convey important findings.

Here at Solid Ground Environmental, our environmental consultants offer quality Phase 1 ESAs, Phase 2 ESAs, Risk Assessments, and transaction screenings, at competitive prices with a fast turnaround. If you are in need of one of our services, give us a call (913)461-9906 or request a free quote!