Will Your Consultant be Honest & Make Firm Recommendations?

old abandoned gas station that needs an environmental site assessment

Recently I was completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on a property in Kansas City, Missouri.  The current owner provided Solid Ground Environmental and the buyer with a Phase I ESA that was done for them when they purchased the property.

While reviewing that prior report, I noticed that the consultant identified two significant environmental issues. These issues came before the property was a gas station and an auto repair shop. Although these issues were identified, the consultant did not provide the owner with any additional recommendations for follow-up environmental investigations. Unfortunately, the current owner purchased the property without finding out whether tanks remained underground. Not knowing about the tanks makes you unaware if the soil or groundwater has been negatively affected.

Quality ESA Reporting

Solid Ground Environmental’s report noted these recognized environmental conditions and made specific recommendations for additional investigation actions. The subsequent investigation identified significant soil and groundwater contamination that the current owner is now responsible for addressing. We offer ESAs in Arkansas, Colorado, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois and the entire Midwest.

In our experience, very few properties require additional investigations.  But when they do you don’t want to be the one left holding the bag!

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