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When you are financing a loan, developing a property, or constructing a building time is money and every day counts! Solid Ground Environmental provides our clients with high quality and timely environmental consulting services such as: Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Wetland Delineations, Asbestos Inspections, Mold Investigation and Environmental Permits.

Lean on Us for Environmental Assistance, Phase 1 ESAs, and Phase 2 ESAs in the Midwest

Local, state, and federal environmental laws can be confusing and hard to find. Solid Ground Environmental will help you weave your way through the important rules, regulations, and acts applicable to your project. We complete environmental site assessments all over the midwest and deliver quality work.

“Joe and Solid Ground Environmental have become my go-to company for environmental assessments. His company’s work is professional, and timely. I trust Joe and Solid Ground Environmental to give my clients the accurate environmental information they need.”

– Dan Sight, Commercial Real Estate Agent

Why Choose Us?

From start to finish, you work directly with the environmental professional completing your project.

More of your time and money go toward the science of the reports.

Fast turnaround time for all environmental due diligence.

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A man in a bright yellow vest and green hard hat crouching down outdoors looking at a laptop.
15 May

What Is a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is an investigative process used to evaluate potential environmental contamination of a property or site. This type of assessment is often initiated when a Phase I ESA indicates that there may be potential environmental contamination present at the site. Site contamination is known as a Recognized Environmental Condition,...

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old abandoned gas station that needs an environmental site assessment
04 Apr

What Is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

When considering the purchase or sale of a property, it’s essential to understand the potential environmental risks associated with the site. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a critical tool that can be used to identify and evaluate any potential issues related to contamination or hazardous materials on a given property. This introduction...

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old abandoned gas station that needs an environmental site assessment
17 Sep

Will Your Consultant be Honest & Make Firm Recommendations?

Recently I was completing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on a property in Kansas City, Missouri.  The current owner provided Solid Ground Environmental and the buyer with a Phase I ESA that was done for them when they purchased the property. While reviewing that prior report, I noticed that the consultant identified two...

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